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Our Brand

ULYLY was born on a summer day in Rio de Janeiro. Walking on the warm sand at Copacabana, I was profoundly moved seeing women all around me in beautiful, bright bikinis simply enjoying their bodies, their families, and themselves. After years as a swimsuit model, it was like nothing I had seen in the US. The freedom and vibrant colors showed these women as the goddesses they were. It was the epitome of what I’ve worked toward my whole life - leaving a legacy of empowering women to celebrate and love themselves and move powerfully through the universe as queens of their own lives.


I admire woman for our amazing ability to multitask! We are wives, moms, business women, we run our own businesses - and sometime all of the above! Often we feel that there is no time for ourselves. We are not a priority, and our health, hobbies, and the lives we really want can wait. But the truth is we are a priority! We are precious, beautiful, and worthy. My goal is to inspire women to live in the moment and find time for ourselves. For me, ULYLY is a celebration of the queen in each of us. It’s about creating something that is special, luxurious, and just for us. Everything else can wait.


Real power isn’t about compromising between our families, careers, and lives, it’s about transforming the way we experience them. My family is my team, and together our unique talents and complementary skills combine to make the ULYLY dream a reality. We travel the world together, looking for that next “Rio moment” to inspire collections and reach women all over the world. 

Ulyana Zilbermints, Founder & Designer