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Skybar LA Fashion Show in Hollywood

Hello queens, 

I’m so excited to tell you about our spectacular fashion show we hosted last week in Hollywood! The whole story of the show was so moving and inspiring for me that I want to share it with all of you.

Since I’ve been working with my family to launch ULYLY Swimwear, it’s simply amazing how the stars have aligned to make everything come to together at just the right time and in just the right way. I’ve connected with so many powerful, beautiful women to create the designs, the look, the brand, and most recently, this show! Shortly after launching ULYLY Swimwear, I had the opportunity to work with the amazing Marcia Deneszczuk to present the bikinis in a collaboration. Despite a quick timeline, a location in another city, and a lot of unknowns, I said yes! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share what we’re creating at ULYLY in a way that brings the vision to life. 

Models with Michael R Forotuan (CEO & Founder at SOCIETY UNICI)

Immediately, we started preparing for the show and coming up with ideas what would look fabulous on the runway. Ideas, ideas were all around Rio experience and how I created my first collection. The colors and music were so vibrant that I decided to create a carnival style show but in "LA way". My mother and I went to a store to purchase beautiful fabric to accentuate and complement the colors and gems in the bikinis, and my father used them to create beautiful veil-like skirts for the models to wear in the show. What a team work!

 At the same time my great friend Fira SF connected me with the talented Hermine Mnatsakanian, who designs luxury jewelry for 21 HM Boutique.  The pieces are just breathtaking and the perfect complement to ULYLY Swimwear! It was a natural fit as a collaboration for the fashion show.

Girls wearing 21 HM Boutique jewelry peaces. 

The magic continued as we identified models for the show. I was so lucky to have Chanelle Renee, beautiful model, runway coach and creative director for Society Unici who helped me with casting and orchestrating the walks for the runway. As I was getting ready for the show I called 3 of my great friends and beautiful models and they agreed to fly with me to LA the upcoming weekend! One of them is gorgeous Olga Sigmundson. Olga and I met when we competed in the Miss Russia San Francisco pageant (another story for another post!) and she’s now the featured model in our editorial project.

Olga posing for "Sweet Escape" cookbook editorial.

Other 2 girls also deserve a separate blog story - Albina Martinova and Marta Kutuzova, who both are amazing models and moms of 2 and 3 beautiful kids! They have shared with me that I inspired the to create amazing lives for themselves and truly embodied the ULYLY philosophy. I’ll be interviewing and featuring them in future posts, so stay tuned!

 Marta (left), Ulyana and Albina (right) right before the show.

After a whirlwind of preparation, it was time for the show! Flying to LA, I couldn’t help reflecting on how much we were able to accomplish by coming together as a team of families, creators, photographers, artists, event planners, and more! I couldn’t wait to see the whole event come together! Finally, I arrived at the Mondrian and I was completely dazzled! The sparkling pool, the lights, the whole ambience of the Skybar was the very definition of glamorous. It was the perfect setting!

Final lined up on the runway.

Together, all the women gathered for hair and makeup. The atmosphere in the room was electric! Everyone there who came together to make this show a reality could tell that we were creating something extremely special and unique. The artists from Cosmo Makeup Academy were fun, communicative, and used their talents to bring out the goddess in each of us, while Luis Martinez and Carl’s Hollywood coiffed our hair beautifully in completely unique styles that suited each of us. Chanelle helped ensure that each of us had our perfect moment to shine and kept everything running smoothly.

 Great creative team from Cosmo Makeup Academy.

When the moment came, I looked around at these incredible, precious women, and my heart was so, so full. My dream of creating colorful, beautiful luxurious swimwear that brought out the goddess in women of all shapes and sizes was coming true here right before my eyes! The vision from Rio[link to the story page] was happening here and now - every one of these beautiful goddesses was fully and unapologetically themselves - no cookie cutter looks at ULYLY!

Gorgeous Cali_hype during her catwalk.

They were completely radiant, and when the music came on and they hit the runway, they OWNED it!

Left to right: Rosalee, Olga and Marta on the runway.

Words can’t do justice to the beauty, strength, and power that came alive that night. Thank you magical team who came together to make this magical night a reality.

Below is a list of talented artists who participated with us:

SOCIETY UNICI and PAPILLON SOCIAL present ROSE a night in Provence, our 5th annual pink party at Skybar! A very special thanks to Mila Ukraine!!! A big thanks to Cosmogirl Giselle and Cosmo Makeup Academy! A big thanks to all the beautiful models! Thanks to our amazing Unici team, Michael R Forotuan, Marcia Deneszczuk, Chanelle Reneé, Jamie Larson, Luis Martinez, Carls Hollywood! A big thanks to Cloud Chaser Rosé and Brian Bixler! A huge thanks to the incredible team and management of Skybar at Mondrian and Mondrian Los Angeles Hotel!!!!
Thanks to Twist Images for the beautiful photos!!!!